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Finished All Our Company Trips [Micaela]

Yesterday was our last company visit, AIST and JAXA.

Until yesterday, Rakuten had been my favorite company so far. Rakuten was the first company we visited and the environment was very casual even with our business formal suits. Ha~ I also liked their idea of being the number one in what they do. They do so much! From e-commerce to a baseball team to weddings. A person can literally live their lives around Rakuten. Get a credit card from them, buy things from shops in Rakuten’s site with the card, find a spouse, plan your wedding, book a honeymoon flight, go see a baseball game together, and just so much more. I just think that was so cool. :D

But then AIST happened.

I don’t know where to start. Ok, let’s start with Paro because it was just TOO cute. We had already been informed about Paro before we came on the trip, but seeing it in person was just too overwhelming. I was about to cry over how cute it was and how senior citizens interacted with it. Paro is a harp seal robot. It moves around, blinks, and makes harp seal noises when you pet it. Paro is used for senior citizens and for those with dementia. Older people who are lonely have Paro as a companion. People with dementia and other illnesses will usually if not always stop taking medication because Paro is able to cure them in some way. The seal calms the people from having random fits. This is great since it lowers the bills on senior citizen centers and cures the person naturally.

Seeing all the videos of Paro with senior citizens made me very happy because the idea behind the robot is successful and the people with Paro are smiling. I think giving a person a smile is a beautiful goal. :)