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Final Thoughts

Hello from Hong Kong! After traveling to Nagoya with one of my good friends, I am so excited to be in another great Asian city, Hong Kong.

LINC Tokyo has been an unforgettable experience, filled with food, laughter, friends, bonding, and learning. I definitely am in love with ramen now. All in all, LINC Tokyo was a great experience that I ABSOLUTELY would recommend to anyone. I learned so much about doing business and had a wonderful experience meeting with various executives.

So what exactly are my plans now? I will be interning in Hong Kong for the rest of my summer basically and working in the audit devision of Moore Stephens, a mid-tier global firm. I am super excited for this experience because I will actually be gaining some real-world experience and applying what I learned from LINC and other classes to my internship.

I appreciate the fact that I got a chance to participate in LINC, something that no other business school offers for freshmen. It has been a journey for sure. さいようなら! Goodbye and have a great summer!


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